Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cuisinart Griddler & Panini Press

I think this Cuisinart Griddler is just an awesome addition to any kitchen.  It's a grill AND a griddler all in one appliance.  For times when I'm cooking for just my hubby and I, this is a great size when cooking for 2.

Have you seen this griddler or own one?  What do you think?

There's over 1200 reviews for this appliance - and the huge majority are VERY positive.  You can read the reviews by clicking the picture if you want.

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Unique iPad Mounts and Docking Stations

I don't know about you, but I use my iPad for LOTS of stuff.  One of those uses is for recipes - and I tend to have my iPad in the kitchen with me when I cook.

It's not a great idea to just lay your iPad on the kitchen counter while you're cooking - spills happen, right?  So I set off looking for a way to mount my iPad under my kitchen cabinet.

I found this under cabinet iPad mount and docking station that I fell in love with.  It's not only a very usable ipad holder, it's also a docking station!

Pretty nifty, huh?

There were a lot of unique iPad holders and mounts on this page.

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Ninjago Halloween Costumes and More

Trying to find Ninjago Halloween costumes? You aren't alone - they sell out so quickly!  Zane, Kai, Cole, and Jay are most likely very popular members of your family these days, right?

Cheap Ninjago Costumes

These ninjago costumes go really quickly so don't hesitate if you see the one you want.
Below are some links to help you find a Ninjago costume if you can't find one.  Also, links to everything Ninjago!

Ninjago Halloween Costumes by Color

1. Red Ninjago Costumes
2. Black Ninjago Costumes
3. White Ninjago Costumes
4. Blue Ninjago Costumes

  Lego Ninjago Costumes by Character

> Ninjago Kai Costume
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> Ninjago Jay Costumes

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fisher Price Bubble Mowers for Girls and Boys

Kids love outdoor toys and this Fisher Price bubble mower is a favorite!  Many kids like to imitate daddy when he cuts the grass and this is the perfect toy for them to do just that.

What I thought was REALLY cute was this pink bubble mower for little girls.

Hey, it's not always daddy they want to imitate (I know *this* mommy has been known to cut the grass) - and it's not always little boys that want to do the imitating!

I know a lot of little girls that would love this bubble mower - what do you think?

Purple JanSport Backpacks

Yesterday I made a new page on the Squidoo site (called a lens) about purple JanSport backpacks.

I love purple and JanSport backpacks are probably the best quality backpacks on the market - and they have a HUGE selection of styles.

I was amazed to see just how many different types of purple backpacks they offer so I decided to make a web page so others could see the nice selection that was available without searching all over the internet.

A Warm Welcome from Jennifer

Hi!  My name is Jennifer - welcome to my blog!

I create and find a lot of cool sites online and I wanted a place to share all my finds with everyone AND a way for ME to keep up with everything.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back soon.