Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pink Nautical Bracelets

Pink Nautical BraceletsTell me this pink nautical-style bracelet isn't GORGEOUS!

I love just about anything pink, and while I'm not a HUGE fan of the nautical themed stuff, I do really like this bracelet.

To me it's super unique with the knot in the pink rope and the anchor clasp.

Really pretty, don't you think?

You can read more about it here.....  or

get the bracelet here.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Weird Alarm Clocks That Can Wake the Dead!

Heavy sleeper?  Yep, me too!  Wouldn't it be nice to have a unique and unusual - heck, downright WEIRD alarm clock - that CAN wake the dead?

I don't want something annoying - just something fun that will not only get my tail OUT of bed, but also start my day off right.

If that's what you're looking for too, check out these weird alarm clocks:

Best Knife Block

I know, buying a knife block doesn't sound that exciting - until you NEED a really good one.

That was the situation I was in so naturally, I went looking for the BEST knife block out there (yes, I'm an

Here is a list that really, really helped me in making my decision:

Hanging Jewelry Organizer Ideas

What a battle organizing my jewelry has bee!.  No matter how I've tried, it always still ended up a tangled mess in my dresser drawer.

The time had come to stop that nonsense.  Heck, I barely even knew what jewelry I had anymore!

All because it wasn't organized and I couldn't see what I had.

So, I got me one of these hanging jewelry organizers.  Best thing I've done lately!

Here is a great list to help you find the best hanging organizers that real women love!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top-Rated Baby Strollers - Best Baby Strollers 2013-2014?

There are WAY too many baby strollers on the market, don't you agree?  I mean, seriously, how in the world are you supposed to figure out what the best strollers are when there are SO many of the suckers?!?!

This list below has narrowed it down to the Top 4 Baby Strollers as rated by moms and dads...and well, consumers in general.  Overall reviews were taken into account as well as quality and safety metrics.

If you need a new baby stroller, this list will be a god-send and save you a ton of time.

Nautical Throw Pillows

I just love the nautical theme for home decor - and these nautical toss/throw pillows are just perfect and so "quaint"!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Artificial Lighted Palm Trees (cheap and GOOD fake palms trees)

I love palm trees so it was natural that I wanted to put some artificial lighted palm trees outside around my deck and patio... make it look like a Tiki bar!  Fun, Fun, FUN!

But finding good and CHEAP fake palm trees with lights was no easy feat.  There are a TON to choose from like you can see in these pictures here or over here on this page or even here on this pinterest board.

Yep!  LOTS to choose from!

Here are some links of where I got my help in picking out my lighted fake palm trees:

And.... to round it all out:

drum roll please....

Here is MY Top 10 List of my Favorite Fake Lighted Palm Trees

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse A Pal

alreverseapalOMG, these are TOO cute!

We are MAJOR Crimson Tide Fans here in this house and I MUST have one of these...and the kids will each get one...and the grandkids....and even those "friends" that INSIST on rooting for any other college football team (yeah, I'm talking to know who you

ANYWAY - these are University of Alabama "Reverse-a-Pals".  They are a stuffed animal/plush toy type thing that changes from a Bama football into an adorable Al (the Crimson Tide mascot).

I just love them!

Ok, to be fair... if you're not a Tide fan (how dare you...hahaha!), they make these reverse-a-pals for ALL college football teams as well (see them all here).

And guess what?  They make them for NFL teams too! (see the whole NFL selection here).

But I know that if you're reading my blog here that you MUST be a Bama fan so here are all the quick links to you can read everything I've just read <grin>

  • University of Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse A Pal
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse-A-Pal Football to Team Mascot Doll
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Study Buddy
  • Reverse A Pals Commercial

  • Roll Tide Roll!!!

    Sunday, August 18, 2013

    Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids

    All little girls want a pair of Hello Kitty Crocs.  Tell me they aren't adorable!  I really like the lined ones for school and the cooler weather.  Warm and comfy for the kids AND easy to put on and off.

    This mom gives that a BIG 5-star rating to Crocs when it's comes to shoes for kids.

    Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids

    Amazon Image Hello Kitty Crocs (Toddler/Little Girls)- Read the Reviews Here
    Amazon Image Crocs Hello Kitty Lined Custom Girls Crocs – Read the Reviews Here

    More Places to Find Hello Kitty Crocs: