Thursday, May 16, 2013

More New Pages Today

Whew!  I have been SO busy today - lots going on!  I did manage to move some of my pages from one site to another new site I'm working on.

Here's what I got done today:

Compare Vacuum Cleaner Brands - this one took a LONG time because there is a lot of info on it.

Camo Party Supplies - camo is always one of my favorite topics.

Compare Dyson Vacuums - yep, still on a vacuum kick.  I know, I'm weird  =)

Exercises To Do At Home To Lose Belly Fat - summer is just about here!

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat for Women - Bikini time!  And that muffin top don't cut!!

How I Get Profitable Squidoo Lens and SirGo Page Ideas - this one has a lot of videos and stuff

How to Find Niche Markets - LOTS of good info here - videos as well.

Ok, time for SLEEP!

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