Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse A Pal

alreverseapalOMG, these are TOO cute!

We are MAJOR Crimson Tide Fans here in this house and I MUST have one of these...and the kids will each get one...and the grandkids....and even those "friends" that INSIST on rooting for any other college football team (yeah, I'm talking to you....you know who you are...lol).

ANYWAY - these are University of Alabama "Reverse-a-Pals".  They are a stuffed animal/plush toy type thing that changes from a Bama football into an adorable Al (the Crimson Tide mascot).

I just love them!

Ok, to be fair... if you're not a Tide fan (how dare you...hahaha!), they make these reverse-a-pals for ALL college football teams as well (see them all here).

And guess what?  They make them for NFL teams too! (see the whole NFL selection here).

But I know that if you're reading my blog here that you MUST be a Bama fan so here are all the quick links to you can read everything I've just read <grin>

  • University of Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse A Pal
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse-A-Pal Football to Team Mascot Doll
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Study Buddy
  • Reverse A Pals Commercial

  • Roll Tide Roll!!!

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