Saturday, September 14, 2013

Best-Rated Coffee Makers Under $50 (the 2013 list)

As with most coffee makers, simple is always better. You don't want too many switches and buttons and complicated procedures. You want a one that does the job all the way through, nothing too much, and nothing left half done. It pays to know what kind of coffee you love to have from your coffee maker. For most brews, drip coffee makers are all right. See if the machine makes a decent-sized serving at one go. If your morning wake up ritual needs two cups, then see that your coffee maker can deliver just that. A good one should hold enough water for a decent amount of servings at one time. Make sure it can hold a good amount without the reservoir being too big that it takes over the machine. Everyone wants a bargain, but remember that there's such a thing as a balance between the price and the features. Measure the coffee maker's set of features along with its build and its price. It may not seem necessary, but buying a coffee maker from a reputable brand is much better than buying some run-in-the-mill counterpart (unless you've done a great deal of research behind some new or unknown brands). A branded machine can beat any brandless contraption anytime.

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