Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How To Teach Your Toddler to Ride a Bike WITHOUT Training Wheels

This is really cool. If you've been trying to teach your toddler to ride a bike and are frustrated with the whole training wheels concept, then you totally need to get a great toddler balance bike.

The first step to learning to ride a bike is not pedaling..and it's not steering or learning to use the brakes, either.

 It's all about BALANCE - and confidence.

Balance bikes don't have pedals. That might sound counter-intuitive for learning to ride a bike, but you should see how well these balance training bicycles work... and how much kids LOVE their balance bikes.
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Here's a big list of web pages and stuff I've looked at today while learning about these bicycles and finding the best balance bikes for kids.  Both of my grandkids are at the perfect age to start learning to ride a bike so these look like a PERFECT Christmas gift from me this year.
See full list on Listly

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