Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best Folding Bikes - These Fold Up Bikes are AWESOME!

I've just started digging in to find the best folding bike online - I really want one!  How cool would it be to just pop a bike in your trunk and simply take it out, unfold it, and ride anywhere??!  Love that idea!

One thing I figured out quickly is that these nifty fold up bikes are pretty darn expensive.  I want one that is affordable... ok, to be honest, I want a CHEAP (but good) fold up bike  ... lol!

Thankfully, I found these great deals on this page (they find the hidden deals deep in the Amazon site - big help!)  I also found some other resources that have seriously help speed along my decision on which bicycle to get (I think I'm gonna go with a Dahon or that Schwinn 20 inch in that tweet above...sweet!)

This online magazine was a lot of help...and I really like the pictures and reviews from this page.

Here are some more resources that really helped me figure out the fold up bike model I want (and that I can afford).

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