Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cedar Swing Sets For Kids

Wow!  Have you seen all the awesome cedar swing sets for kids that are available online?  I have found some great ones and some really great deals as well!

We have kids - and grandkids - and I really want them to have one at our house so I've been on the lookout for a high-quality yet affordable swing set.

And no, I don't want just any ol' swing set - I want an AWESOME one - the kind the kids don't want to get off of.  You only get to be a kid once, right and I remember how much I loved playing on playground swing sets.

This is a picture of the one I want - makes me wish *I* was a kid again!  It's even got a playhouse at the top of the swing set, and a deck... and even a picnic table! (you can click the picture to see the best deals online)

Tell me that's not super cool!  I am a big believer in what other parents have to say about products, so I was really relieved (and excited) when I read all the reviews (you can read all the reviews and parent feedback here).

Basically, it's easy enough to put together and parents love it... AND kids don't want to get OFF it!  Perfect!

If you're looking for a cedar wood swing set, here are some quick links to help you out.

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