Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shark Vacuum As Seen on TV

When it comes to top-rated vacuum cleaners, the Shark Vacuum (As Seen on TV) is at the top of the list.  Now, there are a LOT of Shark vacuum models, so which is the best?

The number 1 best-selling Shark vacuum is this one right here.  Hard to believe any vacuum has a near-perfect 5 star rating, but this one does...and from over 500 Shark vacuum owners!

(you can read all the reviews here)

I think the thing most loved about this particular Shark vacuum is that it can be used a 'normal' upright vacuum AND as a lightweight canister vacuum.

That's a real plus if you have stairs to vacuum (as I do).  There is nothing worse than trying to lug a normal vacuum up and down each stair and you work with the attachments, right?

But what about suction and power... what good is a vacuum if it doesn't "suck"? lol!

The Shark is a BEAST when it comes to suction power.  It's so good it almost feels like it's self-propelled.  Be sure you get anything important off the floor before you vacuum or else WHOOSH, the Shark will suck it up.

A big problem for me when it comes to vacuuming is pet hair.

We have 2 cats and Lord, their hair is EVERYWHERE.

Drives me nuts!!  Worse yet, not any ol' vacuum will take care of all of it and do a good job.

This Shark Vacuum is fantastic with pet hair.  In fact, you could probably vacuum with your current vacuum and then immediately vacuum again with this Shark and get a LOT more pet hair up.  It's kinda amazing - and a little gross to think my old vacuum did a good job until Mr Shark showed me what was left behind.  Yuck!

But, don't just take it from me.... there are over 500 people singing the praised of this Shark vacuum  so take   some time and read all their reviews and feedback here.



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